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In my last post I ended with letting you all know that I applied to extend my program. Well good news, the Mouse has invited me to stay until May! I will be staying at my current location (Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe) until May 10th 2018! I currently do not plan to… Continue reading EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT

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First Week!!! Check-in, Castings, Traditions, Hurricane Irma and “The Fam” 

It’s been quite the {two} week{s}!! *** Tuesday was crazy busy! I found out my complex. I am living in Chatham Square in a 4 bedroom, 8 person… YES, that’s SEVEN other females in one home. So far it has been a blast! Here are some pictures of my side of the room.  Wednesday, I… Continue reading First Week!!! Check-in, Castings, Traditions, Hurricane Irma and “The Fam” 

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The Days Following My Acceptance…

***I wrote this a while ago, but had some computer issues and then life happened.***   DAY ONE: The smile never faded. It didn’t matter that I got QSFB. I was excited! I hadn’t been this happy in awhile. I felt relieved. For the past semester and half (so all of my senior year.) I… Continue reading The Days Following My Acceptance…

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My Application Process!

Ever Since I my Freshman year at The Univeristy of Alabama(UA), I talked about doing The Disney College Program. As I continued on through college while working an hourly job, I was beginning to think that maybe I didn't want to do the college program... I was applying for jobs one Saturday afternoon, continuing on… Continue reading My Application Process!