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The Days Following My Acceptance…

***I wrote this a while ago, but had some computer issues and then life happened.***


DAY ONE: The smile never faded. It didn’t matter that I got QSFB. I was excited!
I hadn’t been this happy in awhile.
I felt relieved.

For the past semester and half (so all of my senior year.) I was praying for a job opportunity when I graduated. In the midst of constant prayers. A friend reminded me to pray for the opportunity not the job. SO..I started praying for opportunities, not the job. Shortly after that, I got accepted to Disney…at this point, I had one maybe two inquires for other job interviews.

One company emailed me and told me to call them. I called them three times. No answer. I emailed them. No response.

The other company was looking to hire for right then, but since I wasn’t really super near to graduation, they couldn’t hold the position for 4 months.

Since then, the only offer I have received has been Disney.
Disney is the opportunity that I’ve been praying for.

Once you’ve been accepted— you do more research, you’ll find the Facebook pages.
If you have been accepted— FIND THEM. I cannot stress this enough.
I waited until after I was accepted to join one. Honestly, I didn’t know about them before I was accepted, but I don’t think I would have wanted to join before I was accepted.
I wouldn’t have wanted to see other waves (Waves are the groups that people will get accepted and NLIC’d in) go through and not catch them. Even though there was one wave before the one I caught that might have even had been possible for me to catch.

Normally the Facebook pages are titled something like “Disney College Program Fall/Fall Advantage 20**”

JOIN IT. If you’ve been accepted.
People will post roommate surveys and other stuff. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there…

Here you can find other Facebook pages relating to your arrival date (this is the easiest place for you to find your roommates because you can’t link with someone who doesn’t have the same arrival date as you.)

DAY TWO: This is the day I found my roommate.
She posted a picture of wine, coloring, and Moana..with something along the lines of excitement for Disney and Senioritis along with day drinking.
I commented that we needed to be friends because day drinking and coloring is life. I have all the HP coloring books
From there we added each other on Facebook. Started messaging each other. It
We might be the same person.
We decided pretty fast that we really wanted to live with each other…we had different arrival dates though, so I CHANGED mine.


DAYS FOLLOWING: As a senior it is hard to stay motivated when you know what is next… I’m writing this and I have 7 more days of classes. SEVEN. Pushing on is incredibly hard.

However, live in the present, enjoy your time with your friends.

My roommate and I posted some fun facts about ourselves and some fun pictures… I strongly recommend this because, my original roommate survey didn’t get a lot of hits. And I didn’t have fun pictures. This one did.

We found our other two roommates pretty quickly. We all talk constantly.

The Facebook page is a good place for questions, but one of my roommates is an alum, so I don’t particular use it for this.

LAST DAY OF WAVES: You will not have heard anything from Disney and you still won’t until it is closer to your check-in date. Don’t fret, this is how it is. RADIO SILENCE.

Make a countdown if you’d like…I did.


But also remember to live in the present.

why worry

I did in fact write this back in April. 🙂

Off to London I go! 69 days until Check-In! Thanks for following me on my new adventure!



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