Before Orlando!


I am a college graduate. I cannot express how amazing this feeling is. As someone who constantly struggled throughout school, this is an amazing accomplishment.


Not only did I graduate, but I graduated as a member in an honors society. And my last semester was my best semester.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 9.23.11 PM

I was upset when I didn’t make All A’s, but I’ve never been a good multiple choice test taker. It’s not my forte…
Undoubtedly it felt great to walk across the stage and receive my diploma from the dean of my college, someone who I have come to know better than most students from working at The University Club.

It was even more touching to see my family and some of my closest friends around one table.
This summer, I will work for a little bit while in the midst of three weddings. I will also be taking a trip to London! All while anxiously counting down the days until Disney!

gradu quote



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